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Business Administration with Focus on Marketing and Sales

Business Administration with Concentration in Marketing and Sales

Business Administration with Focus on Marketing and Sales

Course Title: Business Administration with Concentration in Marketing and Sales Course Code: Cert-

Duration: 16 weeks

Course Description: This course is a hybrid, meaning, participating employers may co-author the course to include essential knowledge and skills that are relevant to their company’s high performance. The course covers principles of administration, with a specific focus on marketing and sales. Students will learn essential skills and competencies needed to succeed in various roles within marketing and sales, including market research, sales techniques, and business math. The course also covers key aspects of administration that are crucial in supporting marketing and sales functions.

High School Diploma or equivalent; Computer keyboard proficiency

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
• Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of business administration.
• Apply marketing strategies and techniques to promote products and services.
• Conduct market research to gather and analyze relevant data.
• Demonstrate effective sales techniques and strategies.
• Utilize business math concepts to make informed financial decisions.
• Effectively support marketing and sales functions through administrative tasks.
• Develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills within a marketing and sales context.

Course Structure:
Week 1: Introduction to Business Administration; Overview of business administration principles; Functions of management and organizational structure.
Week 2: Marketing Fundamentals; Introduction to marketing concepts and strategies; Market segmentation and target audience identification.
Week 3: Market Research; Conducting market research and analysis; Gathering and interpreting data for marketing decisions.
Week 4: Sales Techniques and Strategies; Sales process and customer relationship management; Effective communication and negotiation skills.
Week 5: Business Math for Marketing and Sales; Financial calculations and analysis; Pricing strategies and profit margins.
Week 6: Administration in Marketing and Sales; Administrative tasks and responsibilities in marketing and sales; Supporting marketing campaigns and sales initiatives.
Week 7: Marketing Mix and Promotion; Product, price, place, and promotion strategies; Advertising, public relations, and branding.
Week 8: Consumer Behavior; Understanding consumer decision-making processes; Factors influencing consumer behavior.
Week 9: Digital Marketing and social media; Online marketing strategies and platforms; Social media marketing and engagement.
Week 10: Sales Management; Sales team management and leadership; Setting sales targets and performance measurement.
Week 11: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Marketing and Sales; Ethical principles in marketing and sales; Legal frameworks and regulations.
Week 12: Emerging Trends in Marketing and Sales. Technology advancements and their impact on marketing and sales. Innovations and prospects.
Week 13-16: Working in a job environment.

Assessment Methods:
Weekly quizzes and assignments. Weekly written assignments count toward examination; Job exposure for experience; All written assignments make up final examination.

Grading Policy:
• Quizzes and Assignments: 40%
• Final written assignments - exams: 35%
• Work exposure experience assessment: 25%

Required Textbook: Title: "Principles of Marketing" Author: Philip Kotler, Gary Armstrong Publisher: Pearson
Additional Resources:
• Online articles, case studies, and videos related to marketing and sales.
• Industry reports and market research publications

Tuition: Resident $7,125 | Non-resident $7450
• Program Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Its Equivalent, computer keyboarding proficiency.
• Program Estimated time: 21 hours/week for 16 weeks.
• Website:
• Service End Date: [ tbd]
• Availability: Full/Part Time: Distance Learning
Books estimate $500.00.

Note: The syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Students will be notified of any changes in advance.

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