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Think & Profit Consulting | About Upskill/Reskill Business Education Curriculum

Upskill/Reskill Business Education Curriculum

Think & Profit Consulting | About Upskill/Reskill Business Education Curriculum

About our Curriculum:

Format: Consultative, Tailored, Cooperative, Instructional, and facilitative.

Think & Profit Consulting offers a hybrid option to Upskilling/reskilling individuals to match labor demand; meaning that the program aims to develop standardized courses, with an option for employers to co-author essential knowledge skills that are relevant to their company’s high performance. Thus, affording employers, learners, and stakeholders the opportunity to better understand expectations and achieve better performance outcomes. Through consultation and collaboration with local employers, we learn and adapt our course work to meet labor demands to prepare students with relevant knowledge skills for them to qualify and excel in their new or existing positions to benefit the success of the organization. We aim to place students in companies as part of their learning experience, and possible job placement.
Curriculum Development Format: Consultative, Tailored, Cooperative, Instructional, and facilitative.

Needs Assessment:
• Identify the needs of employers and local and assess local and regional labor demands.

Define Learning Objectives:
• The learning objectives will clearly state specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) processes. Courses are designed with a hybrid option, meaning standardized to meet scholarly compliance, while allowing for employers to co-author skills or knowledge relevant to their company’s performance.
• Participants in our educational program can expect a professional experience that is consultative, instructional, and supportive to generate a successful outcome.

Course Structure:
• The curriculum facilitates a hybrid (option). Courses are standardized to meet scholarly compliance requirements, while focused on a specific set of skills or knowledge learning objectives, and
• Employer customization: inclusion of specific skills and knowledge essential for the high performance of employer’s business. The tailored content is co-authored in collaboration with employer’s expert representation for implementation into the course material.

Course Content:
• Course content includes - lectures, practical exercises, quizzes, exams, hands-on training, and co-authored material from qualified employers, when applicable.

Practical Training:
• Where applicable, students will participate in real-world experiences and hands-on training at a participating employer’s location to apply the skills they learn through online learning management system (LMS).

Duration and Schedule:
• To be determined - Length of course is determined by the course, profession, full time, or part time. The range is from 3 months to 18 months. Class schedule, number of hours per week and the total number of weeks varies by course requirement and is spelled out in the Syllabus.

• To be determined - Assessments and evaluations to measure the progress and learning outcomes of the learner is comprised of quizzes, exams, practical demonstrations, and feedback from the employer’s supervisory representative. At completion participants will receive a certificate of completion, certificate of achievement, or a certificate of excellence to indicate their level of participation respectively.

Instructors and Staff:
• Hire qualified instructors with relevant subject matter expertise working in collaboration with employer’s supervisory representative to instruct and facilitate learning outcomes.

Compliance and Regulations:
• Compliance adherence to federal, state, and local regulatory guidelines.

Continuous Improvement:
• The curriculum is collaborative and reviewed regularly for relevance in content and trends with changing industry demands and advancements. The curriculum is dynamic with an aim to collaborate relevant skill requirements of the employer into the coursework, affording learners, employers, and stakeholders the opportunity to better understand expectations and excel in their performance outcomes of the highest standards in preparing learners for a successful career.

Conditional Notes:
Think & Profit Consulting has the capacity to develop standardized courses within 5 business days. Because most of our courses are hybrid, we reserve the option for participating employers to co-author knowledge skills that are relevant to their company's high performance for inclusion in the coursework, when applicable. In this event, we will publish an updated hybrid syllabus.

Courses are published in this catalog directory with an introductory overview. An expression of enrollment interest will trigger engagement from our registration team.

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