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Tax Preparation & Business Consulting

Updated: Jan 17

Hi. My name is Trevor McKenzie; here to tell you about Think & Profit Consulting. We offer Tax Preparation and Business consulting Services to help business owners grow their business profitably. We undertake simple as well as complex service engagements.

At Think & Profit Consulting our services are centered around Business Tax Preparation and Business Services. Our time-tested solutions honed over 25 years, have been satisfying clients since 2013. So, whether your problem is a single challenge or a complex problem, we can help you to break it down and analyze it for best solutions. Reach out to get started when you are ready.

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Karen McFarlane
Karen McFarlane

You’ll have no regrets - Think & Profit Consulting has made me who I am today. The most reliable and accurate tax services you’ll find. Conscientious preparers on hand. Tax services anyone? Yeah!!

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