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How much Regulation is enough?

The question was raised: How much Regulation is enough?

Consider the socioeconomic responsibilities of corporations and the sociopolitical responsibilities of political officials we elect to serve our interest. We can all agree that the function of businesses is to provide goods and services to the public, and that the function of elected officials are to serve as custodians of power, we the people bestow upon them, to administer and manage public affairs, and to ensure a secure environment for businesses and individuals to interact and trade goods and services in the markets.

The public's demands for goods and services can only be reliable in an organized form of government preferably "Democracy" wherein elected officials empowered by the people serve as custodians to maintain enforcement of standards and regulations suitable for all to enjoy the pursuit of peace, happiness and prosperity. The equilibrium is established by the standard of living.

Take the issues of #BlackLifeMatter, it is predicated upon the socio-economic reality that the country's equilibrium is unbalanced. An equal standard of peace and access to prosperity must exist even if laws are to enforce such regulations. Laws and regulations are intended to enforce rules for the common benefit of society. Common examples are: in America we drive on the left side of the road. We must be licensed by the State we reside in to drive an automobile; and we have laws against driving under the influence, and so on.

But since the topic is "How much Regulation is enough?" I believe regulations are on the books today that has no meaningful purpose in today's society and should be purged from the laws. Laws that are antiquated and lead to abuse in ways that produce no socio economic benefit to the public... The regulations are sufficient when the society is at peace with itself.

Trevor McKenzie, MBA 4/27/2021

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