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At Think & Profit Tax Planning and Preparation Service we aim to align financial and operational processes with  tax regulations to provide tax advantages to our clients throughout every phase of the business cycle. We serve business and individual taxpayers. Click here to request service.

Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Application Services are offered to resident aliens with the need for an ITIN number for income tax reporting purposes; and to facilitate compliance by employers where the need exist. The process for applying is confidential and secure. Click here to Apply!


At the core of our consulting service is our up-skill/res-kill jobs training programs which underpins the growth engine of our clients businesses. Our jobs training programs are developed together with the employer to ensure that the training aligns seamlessly with the company's performance goals. This tailored approach allows Think & Profit Consultants to apply consulting expertise to on-the jobs training, enhanced by online training to integrate practical and theoretical knowledge to excel the company's performance, and profitability to new heights.

Vision & Mission

My unwavering commitment ensures the exceptional quality of services we provide. As the President of Think & Profit Consulting, my Vision is to enhance our client's Vision with Clarity. While my Mission is is to deliver relevant advise and recommendations to aid leadership decisions and to help in the implementation of strategic policies to optimize business performance, excel corporate growth and profitability.


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