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At Think & Profit Consulting, our team comprises qualified IRS Tax Preparers who actively participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP) to remain well-informed about the latest developments in tax laws. Additionally, we regularly attend State and local tax planning and legislative events to stay ahead of the curve.

Our objective is to provide top-notch tax preparation services. We do this by aligning tax regulations with our clients' financial and operational processes at every stage of their business cycle. Our goal is to ensure that our clients benefit from maximum tax advantages while remaining fully compliant with tax laws.

IRS Certified Acceptance Agency (CAA)

Expedite IRS - ITIN or EIN Application Request

Apply for your individual tax identification number (ITIN) or Employer Identification number (EIN).  Our service provides a convenient path for you to obtain your ITIN or EIN without sending away your critical and confidential identification documents from the security of your possession.  We provide full service throughout the process until you receive your ITIN, or EIN. Fee is $375.00 includes secure postage of documents.


Tax Service for Business owners and individual taxpayers. Click to order tax service!

  1. Complete the Online Tax App. and submit it!

  2. Scan, and email your supporting documents to our secure inbox.

  3. Option: You may fax your supporting documents to 877-955-2532

  4. You may also request a secure link to submit large files. 

Secure and Private

Remote services are secure, private, affordable, and efficient... Convenient meeting options include: 

  • In person

  • Zoom 

  • Client's Business location or preferred venue. 

How We Work 

How the process work and about the fees

Fees below are for basic guidance only. Actual fees are determined by the work required to complete IRS and State Tax Forms and Schedules that you are obligated to report, in order to accurately maximize tax benefits at the end of the business cycle..  ​Business owners could benefit from consultation to help effectively gather required documents to prepare an accurate report to maximize tax benefits.  Basic individual 1040 Tax Return cost may range from about ​$260.00. Actual fees are determined by the required Forms and Schedules that you are obligated to report on your IRS and State Tax returns. Fees may be reduced with promotional discounts when available and advertised. The Forms or Schedules below are for examples only. They illustrate how fees are influenced by the completion of the various forms and schedules that you are obligated to include in your report, which may require additional research based on regulatory changes, examples: ​If schedule A is processed additional fees start from  $85.00    If Schedule C is processed additional fees start from $150.00 and so on! We confirm receipt of your documents when we receive them; and open an electronic case file for your records.  We will notify you via email and/or text for needed documents to complete your tax refund claim. We will review your report with you, and you must approve it before it is submitted to the IRS and the Treasurer Department of your State of Residence. Payment is expected upon completion and review of your returns before submission to the IRS and your State Treasurer, unless other arrangements are made. You may defer payment by enrolling in our Banking Partner's Refund Transfer Program to enjoy fast and direct deposit of your Tax Refund. Enrollment in this program entitles you to a debit card for fast deposit of your Tax Refund from the IRS, or you may choose direct deposit to your personal bank account. 

Bank products to speed up your refund


OPTION: Ask for a GO2Bank debit card - A simple and secure way to transfer your refund to you.

  • Free taxpayer text or email notifications.

  • "Where's my refund?" Email notifications are sent the moment money is loaded on your card.

  • A personalized, chip-enabled card is mailed to your residence address on file.

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Tax tips and information

Tax tips and information

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