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Partner Program
Partner Program and collaboration

Partner Program: Through robust marketing and a dynamic business development program, we continuously explore avenues to pursue collaborative endeavors with respected accountants, reputable lawyers, innovative business development firms, visionary business owners, and accomplished individuals. We endeavor to increase our capacity and the range of services we offer by collaboratively leveraging our expertise in consulting engagements to benefit our clients, while generating additional income, without increasing cost.  The scope of partnering within our program encompasses a spectrum of possibilities ranging from straightforward referrals of business owners and individuals to establishing collaborative consulting arrangements in the professional B2B sphere, delivering an array of cross functional services to each other's client(s).​

Working arrangement

How it Works: Click the image to express interest. We will send you a proposed working arrangement for discussion and agreement between you and Think& Profit Consulting. If the proposed arrangement is agreeable sign and return. Digital signature is acceptable.

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