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Can You Do Without Social Media Integration?

Updated: May 10, 2023

Internet Web Technology has been at the forefront of modern business processes from its inception. It dwarfs the globe, melting global and regional cultures through commerce and social media exchanges. It has changed how business is done, compared to 40 years ago.

The volume of information that we must consume to operate with intelligence overwhelms business leaders. For example, whatever your profession, you are likely to be on linkedIn, and if you want to be in touch with your friends and family you are likely to be on Facebook and many more recent social media technologies. On each of these media – some amount of time is required to process interactions in order to keep your participation active.

As a result we spend more time with electronic devices to communicate and transact affairs in almost all circumstances. I often observe my children interacting with their friends via their devices. And I observe consumers in stores do price comparison before making a purchase. So what are the implications of these behavioral trends? Business owners must recognize that technology and all its advances are here to stay and to grow. Adopting is mandatory; I only insist that we should use it to manage our lives and affairs more efficiently; not to let it dictate our decisions as in "the system says". As I recall, we invented and developed computers to do the heavy lifting, not to dictate to us!

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