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Think & Profit Tax Prep Services - get started!

At Think & Profit Tax Planning and Preparation Service we aim to align financial and operational procedures with applicable tax regulations to provide tax advantages to our clients throughout every phase of the business cycle. We serve business and individual taxpayers.

ITIN Information Intake

Click here to apply. Answer some brief questions on the popup Form and submit it. Our process is simple, efficient and confidential. Fee is $375.00 plus applicable tax filing fees. Free payment plan is available! Call/Text: 724-861-8900 for a confidential talk to learn more about applying for your individual tax identification number (ITIN). Have your identification documents available for our meeting.

Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA)

Secure, private, affordable and efficient: Our integrated technologies are secure and encrypted with the industries latest security protocols to protect customer privacy.  Our security measures starts with website security protocols like HTTPS; Microsoft security protocols that host our email, Our communications system for phone calls, text and video are encrypted to protect your privacy in communications and the transition of your documents to us. Convenient meeting options include: 

  • In person

  • Zoom 

  • Client's Business location or chosen venue. 

How the process work and about the fees

How We Work 

Fees below are for basic guidance only. Actual fees are determined by the work required to complete IRS and State Tax Forms and Schedules that you are required. Keeping accurate records may maximize tax benefits at the end of each business cycle..  ​Business owners could benefit from consultation to help effectively gather required documents to prepare an accurate report to maximize tax benefits.  Basic individual 1040 Tax Return cost may range from ​$260.00. Actual fees are determined by the required Forms and Schedules that you are required to report on your Federal and State Tax returns. Fees may be reduced with promotional discounts when available and advertised. The Forms or Schedules below are for examples only. They illustrate how fees are influenced by the completion of the various forms and schedules that you are required to include in your report. Examples: ​If schedule A is processed additional fees could range from  $85.00.   If Schedule C is processed additional fees could range from $150.00 and so on! We confirm receipt of your documents when we receive them; and open an electronic case file for your records.  We will notify you via email and/or text for needed documents to complete your tax refund claim. We will review your report with you, and you must approve by signing an e-file authorization form, which authorizes us to submit your Income Tax Report to the IRS and applicable States. Payment is expected upon completion and review of your returns before submission to the IRS and your State Treasurer, unless other arrangements are made. You may defer payment by enrolling in our Banking Partner's Refund Transfer Program to enjoy fast and direct deposit of your Tax Refund. Enrollment in this program entitles you to a debit card for fast deposit of your Tax Refund from the IRS, and applicable States, or you may choose direct deposit to your personal bank account.

Bank products to speed up your refund


OPTION: Ask for a GO2Bank debit card - A simple and secure way to transfer your refund to you.

  • Free taxpayer text or email notifications.

  • "Where's my refund?" Email notifications are sent the moment money is loaded on your card.

  • A personalized, chip-enabled card is mailed to your residence address on file.

Think & Profit Sales Promotions

Hey! Ready to turn your sales prowess into profit? Look no further! I am thrilled to present you with a simple traditional opportunity made easy for you to supplement your earning power with Think & Profit Consulting. Our sales commission arrangement terms are your ticket to unlocking lucrative supplementary income from within your sphere of influence with little effort. More effort outside your sphere always have the potential for greater rewards. Picture this: commission structures tailored to your success, enticing incentives, and the unlimited opportunity to generate business at your pace and get paid as frequently as you earn. Don't miss out on this opportunity to secure your position in a traditional business made simple to earn from. But here's the kicker, you need to act now! To sustain quality customer experience, we only accept a limited number of sales reps to join us during our periodic growth cycles. So, Click the MONEY image to review the simple terms in our partnership arrangement. Interested? Answer a few brief questions about yourself, digitally sign, and submit to get on-board the Think & Profit Team! Best regards, Think & Profit On-boarding Team!

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