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Could Your Business Benefit from Customized Job Training Programs?
Think & Profit upskill/reskill jobs training programs

Overview of what's offered:

  • Customized job performance training programs are developed together with the employer. 

  • Our Online Instructors are experts in their professions.

  • Our Instructors integrate hands-on-training on the job, with essential knowledge skills online to excel training performance. 

  • Learners are tested periodically to reinforce essential jobs performance training.

Our upskill/reskill jobs performance training programs are customized to help employers achieve the essential skills to excel performance goals and profitability.

At Think & Profit Consulting, Our training programs are unique with a hybrid feature, that promote a customized the development of the training program together with the employer, ensuring the training aligns seamlessly with each company's performance goals. This personalized approach allows Think & Profit Consultants to combine consulting expertise with job performance training to excel your company's performance, efficiency, and profitability to new heights.


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Nondiscrimination: Think & Profit Consulting Inc. shall not discriminate against any individual because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law. Quality Service: We are committed to providing high-quality Training programs that meet the needs of our employers. Our programs will meet established performance measures to ensure that they effectively contribute to the skill development and employability of participants. We will continuously assess and improve our programs and services to ensure their effectiveness and relevance to the needs of the workforce and labor market. Upskill/Reskill Program: Think & Profit Upskill/Reskill Training Programs offer a unique hybrid feature, allowing employers to co-author the training program, ensuring that it aligns seamlessly with their company's performance goals. The program’s mode is distance learning complemented with the collaboration of hands-on training under the supervision of the sponsoring employer to ensure the training aligns with its performance goals. Workforce Development: Upskill/Reskill Training Programs are intended for Business-to-business engagements between Think & Profit Consulting and sponsoring employers for the professional development performance of their employees. The program is not available to the typical student population. Individuals who engage Think & Profit Consulting for training should be associated with a sponsoring employer for hands-on-training, and oversight of the training activities of the learner. The sponsoring employer is the designated primary party of engagement with Think & Profit Consulting for the upskill/reskill training of their learners. Not a licensed educational entity: Think & Profit Consulting has opted not to be a licensed educational entity. We focus on business-to-business workforce performance development. We do not issue degrees. Instead, upon completion of any of our programs we issue a certificate of completion for the program undertaken.

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All Training programs are custom tailored to the needs of the employer with the employers participation to ensure an effective and satisfatory training program.

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