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Human Capital Stagnation

Updated: May 10, 2023

Will Talent Search Practices Ever Improve?

Human capital is the life blood of corporations. Human capital is knowledge workers, the accountants, lawyers, engineers, psychologists, economists consultants, and similar.

My question is intended to draw attention to whether or not corporation’s talent search practices can ever improve?

Current practices pull candidates from the same pool of workers—companies of similar size and scope that perform similar services, similar experiences, similar work and even social cultures. This practice helps to save money on training; but does nothing to reboot and energise diversity in the company's ranks.

Of course it is cheaper in the short run; but most successful winners know that exposure to diversity is the key to building dynamic organization, and high performance teams. Laissez-faire management styles do not work well for companies over the long haul. Companies must be dynamic and responsive to trends to be current and relevant. When everyone is sourced from the same circulating pool of talent, performance becomes dull because everyone possess similar experiences and no new ideas to build on.

Trevor McKenzie, MBA 4/27/2021

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